059 100 Days 100 Nights

The Setlist of Life

05-09-2023 • 58 mins

Hello all! Thank you once again for joining us! In today's episode we discuss the Mandela Effect and AI, Is Leslie making stuff up again?, Kirsten's Tids & Bits, we need to go on a cruise, Christine's race, Leslie's concerts, getting high, back to school, Leslie drive's some funiture to the fraternity, the old days of hanging out after practice, hiking, getting to know your streets, You know what I don't understand?, Paul, and we are NOT a family show Christine.

The podcast began with Kirsten sharing about her new job walking dogs in her neighborhood. She told a funny story about one beagle named Gibson who jumped up onto the kitchen island counter when she went to get his food. Gibson's owners said he does this often, especially if the bar stools are not pushed in to block him.

Kirsten discussed her upcoming 7-day Alaskan cruise that she planned with her cousin. None of the hosts had been on an Alaskan cruise before but others shared their overall positive opinions about cruises. They recommended Kirsten take motion sickness medicine and said cruises are very relaxing with lots to do on board and in port excursions. The ships also usually travel at night so you wake up in a new destination each morning.

The group talked about recent concerts they attended and how prevalent marijuana smoking seems to be allowed now at most shows, even around kids. Leslie was surprised to see it at a Matchbox Twenty concert. She also attended Guns N' Roses where there was a lot of pot smoking in the crowd. Others saw bands like The Pretenders, an ABBA tribute group, and country singer Morgan Wallen coming up.

On the topic of kids going back to school, they empathized with how tired students are adjusting to the new schedule and sensory overload of so many people back in one place. Leslie also helped move her college son into his fraternity by renting a large 20-foot truck and driving furniture from Pittsburgh down to Virginia.

Towards the end, the conversation took an amusing turn when Kirsten made a comment about "taking bids on her tits" that the others poked fun at. After some joking around about keeping things classy, they wrapped up by announcing their new biweekly podcast schedule.

As always, thank you!