071 Red Solo Cup

The Setlist of Life

20-02-2024 • 1 hr 7 mins

In this episode, Leslie discusses her recent mixology class and makes a Valentine's Day-themed drink called Cupid's Punch. We also try out a new snack accessory called the Snackstick. The conversation covers topics such as morning routines, car issues, and unusual food products. We also discuss the idea of participating in adventure races and scavenger hunts. The episode concludes with a follow-up on previous conversations. In this episode, we discuss various topics including cookie college, the cookie table at weddings, an upcoming trip to London and Amsterdam, the idea of Weird Al performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, and a review of the Super Bowl commercials. We also mention the importance of father-daughter bonding and Taylor Swift's impact on their relationship. Overall, the episode covers a range of lighthearted and entertaining subjects.


Mixology classes can be a fun and educational way to learn how to make new drinks.

The Snacktiv is a useful accessory for keeping your fingers clean while snacking.

Morning routines and habits can vary among individuals.

Car issues and recalls can sometimes lead to unexpected changes or problems.

Adventure races and scavenger hunts can be exciting and challenging activities to participate in. Cookie tables are a significant tradition at weddings in the Pittsburgh area, featuring a wide variety of homemade cookies.

Attending specialized culinary events, such as cookie college, can be a fun and educational experience.

The Super Bowl halftime show has become a highly anticipated and commercialized event, often featuring throwback artists.

Super Bowl commercials can be hit or miss, with some viewers finding them underwhelming or lacking creativity.

Taylor Swift's music has the power to bring people together and create meaningful connections, such as father-daughter bonding.


00:00 Introduction and Mixology Class

03:09 Making Cupid's Punch

07:28 Trying Cupid's Punch

08:13 Discussion of Other Drinks from Mixology Class

10:31 Snacktiv

16:46 Making Beds and Morning Routines

19:18 Follow Up on Previous Conversations

20:49 Discussion of Car Issues

24:48 Discussion of Unusual Food Products

28:31 Discussion of Adventure Races and Scavenger Hunts

42:56 Follow Up and Conclusion

43:59 Closing Remarks and Questions

45:22 Cookie College

46:50 The Cookie Table at Weddings

49:08 Upcoming Adventures

50:35 London and Amsterdam Trip

52:01 Snack Div in London

53:19 Weird Al for Halftime Show

55:11 Super Bowl Commercials

57:05 Review of Halftime Show

58:04 Super Bowl Halftime Show History

01:01:00 Review of Super Bowl Commercials

01:04:07 Taylor Swift and Father-Daughter Bonding

01:05:23 Closing Remarks and Future Reports