069 Come Sail Away

The Setlist of Life

23-01-2024 • 1 hr 5 mins

In this episode, the bandmates of Dolly For Sue discuss a variety of topics including Aaron's upcoming Caribbean cruise, pickleball tournaments, picky eaters, home improvement projects, and the use of beaver butt extract in food products. They also touch on the effectiveness of cold remedies and the practice of tasting body fluids for medical diagnosis. The conversation is filled with humor and personal anecdotes, providing an entertaining and informative listening experience. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics including beaver butt flavoring, beaver farming, woodworking, dry stack stone walls, and blowing glass.


The bandmates are excited about Aaron's upcoming Caribbean cruise and discuss his plans for activities and dining on the ship.

They share their experiences with picky eaters and strategies for expanding their children's palates.

The conversation turns to home improvement projects and the bandmates express their interest in construction and barbecue catering.

They also discuss the use of beaver butt extract in food products and the practice of tasting body fluids for medical diagnosis. Beaver extract from the anal glands is used as a flavoring in some food products.

Beaver farming is a profession where beavers' anal glands are expressed to extract the flavoring.

Woodworking, such as woodturning and making dry stack stone walls, can be enjoyable and creative hobbies.

Blowing glass is a craft that requires specialized training and can be pursued in certain locations.


00:00 Introduction and Song Choice

01:16 Recap of Previous Episode

02:01 Follow-up on Christmas Episode

03:22 Upcoming Caribbean Cruise

04:10 Discussion on Snow Events

06:02 Pickleball Tournament

07:23 Discussion on Tournaments

08:39 Review of Cornhole and Trivia

11:45 Update on Woman Who Breached School

13:27 Follow-up on Previous Conversations

14:45 Discussion on Impressions and Voiceover Work

16:36 Discussion on Sailing and Cruise Activities

17:31 Favorite Foods on Cruise Ships

18:27 Discussion on Picky Eaters

19:36 Discussion on Parenting Strategies for Picky Eaters

20:58 Discussion on Home Improvement Projects

23:18 Discussion on Mucus and Cold Remedies

26:18 Discussion on Hot Ones Show

29:24 Discussion on Construction and Barbecue Catering

31:03 Discussion on Beaver Butt Extract

37:31 Discussion on Mucus and Phlegm

40:38 Discussion on Tasting Body Fluids for Diagnosis

44:31 Discussion on Castorium and Beaver Butt Extract

46:50 Beaver Butt Flavoring

51:26 Beaver Farming and Other Animal Glands

58:16 Woodturning and Other Woodworking

01:02:02 Dry Stack Stone Walls

01:03:45 Blowing Glass and Other Crafts


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