064 Ragdoll

The Setlist of Life

12-12-2023 • 58 mins

In this episode, the hosts catch up and discuss their recent experiences. They talk about musubi, Spotify Wrapped, upcoming plans, and movies. They also introduce their guest, Andrea, and reminisce about growing up together. The conversation covers topics such as bodybuilding shows, glass bottom boats, and the three-letter game. They also discuss their least favorite Thanksgiving foods and fast food preferences. In this conversation, the hosts discuss various topics related to food, dining out, cooking, and personal habits. They talk about fast food options, their preferences for certain restaurants, and the challenges of finding suitable meals for specific dietary restrictions. They also share their lunch habits, snacking preferences, and the impact of food on their weight. The hosts discuss their experiences with meal subscription services and the pros and cons of following recipes. They also touch on the benefits of yoga and meditation, particularly for runners. The conversation concludes with an announcement about an upcoming Christmas special.


Musubi is a Hawaiian food made with spam, egg, soy sauce, and rice wrapped in seaweed.

Spotify Wrapped provides users with a summary of their listening habits for the year.

The hosts plan to watch the movie Spinal Tap and review it on a future podcast.

The three-letter game is a gift exchange game where participants must find a gift that starts with the three letters of the recipient's name.

The hosts discuss their least favorite Thanksgiving foods and fast food preferences. Fast food options have evolved over the years, with restaurants like Chipotle and Cava offering healthier alternatives.

Personal food preferences and dietary restrictions can make it challenging to find suitable meals when dining out.

Meal subscription services can be a convenient option for trying new recipes and expanding culinary skills.

Yoga and meditation can have positive effects on physical and mental well-being, particularly for runners.

The hosts announce an upcoming Christmas special, which promises to be an entertaining episode.


00:00 Introduction and Catching Up

03:09 Musubi and Spotify Wrapped

04:03 Upcoming Plans and Movies

08:25 Spinal Tap and Podcasting

09:13 Introducing Guest Andrea

10:09 Growing Up Together

11:34 Andrea's Visit and Fun Activities

12:55 Andrea's Bodybuilding Shows

13:52 The Three-Letter Game

15:38 Upcoming Cruise

16:09 Aaron's Cruise Experience

16:59 Motion Sickness on Boats

20:19 Glass Bottom Boat Experience

23:07 White Elephant Gift Ideas

25:01 The Three-Letter Game

29:10 Worst Christmas Songs

30:59 New Listeners and Podcast Promotion

33:44 Thanksgiving Timing

36:45 Least Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

38:31 Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

42:04 Fast Food Preferences

43:52 Fast Food and Dining Out

44:18 Eating Habits and Preferences

45:14 Restaurant Experiences

45:44 Lunch Habits

46:06 Snacking and Water Consumption

46:25 Food and Weight

46:54 Cruise Ship Food

47:24 Dutch Tacos

48:15 Cooking Skills and Recipes

49:06 Meal Subscription Services

49:59 Cooking Preferences

50:29 Cooking for a Family

51:56 Feeding Hungry Teenagers

52:56 Yoga and Meditation

53:26 The Ragdoll Pose

54:18 Life-Changing Meditation

56:12 Yoga for Runners

57:29 Bringing It Back to Ragdoll

57:39 Christmas Special Announcement

58:08 Closing Remarks