068 These Words

The Setlist of Life

09-01-2024 • 1 hr

The bandmates discuss Phil's dictionary book and explore interesting words and questions from the dictionary. They also delve into the future of education and the impact of AI on learning. The conversation touches on the importance of process and authenticity in education and the need for personalized learning experiences. They also share tidbits about famous personalities and discuss the changing landscape of technology and education. The conversation covers various topics, including the fascination and fear of change, the impact of technological advancements, the evolution of television and the internet, the transformation of AOL headquarters, memories and movies, the decline of traditional TV, switching to T-Mobile, home repairs and handyman stories, the value of being informed, real-life challenges and solutions, learning from YouTube, dealing with wall holes and repairs, accidents and broken windows.


AI has the potential to revolutionize education by providing personalized learning experiences.

While AI tools like chatbots can be helpful, it is important to maintain a balance and not rely solely on technology for learning.

The process of learning and the development of critical thinking skills are crucial in education.

Authenticity and personal connection are important in education, and teachers play a vital role in guiding and supporting students.

The future of education will likely involve a combination of traditional teaching methods and innovative technologies. Change can be both fascinating and frightening, and it takes time to process and adapt to new technologies.

Technological advancements, such as the internet and high-definition TV, have significantly changed our lives.

The decline of traditional TV and the rise of streaming services have shifted how people consume media.

Switching to alternative service providers, like T-Mobile, can offer cost-effective solutions for TV and internet.

Being informed and asking the right questions can help avoid being taken advantage of in home repairs and other situations.

YouTube can be a valuable resource for learning and DIY projects.


00:00 Introduction and Song Choice

00:38 Phil's Dictionary Book

03:00 Exploring the Dictionary

04:19 Questions about Time

06:18 Utensils and Furniture

07:06 Garden and Farm Animals

08:05 Asking Directions and Jerry Seinfeld

09:15 Interesting Facts about Famous Personalities

10:21 Tidbits and War Games

11:19 Tidbits and Chevy Chase

13:42 The Future of Education and AI

19:24 Snowstorm and Cabbage Night

21:26 Cabbage Night and Cabbage Patch

23:13 Interesting Facts about Famous Personalities

25:26 The Impact of AI on Education

30:15 The Role of Teachers and AI in Education

34:06 The Changing Landscape of Technology and Education

36:00 The Future of Education and Technology

40:12 The Importance of Process and Authenticity

46:41 Individual Learning Styles and Approaches

47:40 The Fascination and Fear of Change

48:26 The Impact of Technological Advancements

49:22 The Evolution of Television and the Internet

50:20 The Transformation of AOL Headquarters

51:19 Memories and Movies

52:35 The Decline of Traditional TV

53:31 Switching to T-Mobile

54:09 Home Repairs and Handyman Stories

55:27 The Value of Being Informed

57:13 Real-Life Challenges and Solutions

58:03 Learning from YouTube

58:38 Dealing with Wall Holes and Repairs

59:03 Accidents and Broken Windows

59:33 Closing Remarks