074 Wake Me Up

The Setlist of Life

19-03-2024 • 1 hr

In this episode, the bandmates of Dolly 4 Sue discuss various topics, including glass blowing, woodturning, and a hypothetical battle royale scenario. They also engage in a lighthearted conversation about Disney princesses and take a quiz to determine which princess they are most like. The episode is filled with humor and playful banter as the bandmates share their opinions and make decisions on various topics. The conversation covers a range of topics, including Disney princesses, the seed vault in Antarctica, music recommendations, and misunderstood terms. The hosts also discuss planning for their Christmas episode and celebrate an upcoming milestone in their podcast journey. They end the conversation by sharing hidden gems from Corey Hart's discography.


Glass blowing is a fascinating and challenging art form that requires skill and precision.

Woodturning can produce intricate and beautiful creations, such as Christmas ornaments.

In a battle royale scenario, the choice of defenses can greatly impact the outcome.

Gorillas are considered a formidable defense option due to their strength and intelligence.

Disney princesses continue to captivate people's imaginations and spark discussions. Disney princesses have been a popular topic of discussion, with each host sharing their favorite princesses and movies.

The seed vault in Antarctica is a facility that stores a wide variety of seeds in case of future emergencies.

The hosts recommend checking out the Lemon Twigs and their unique blend of musical styles.

It's important to be aware of the meanings of certain terms to avoid misunderstandings.

The hosts are excited about reaching a milestone in their podcast journey and are already planning for their Christmas episode.

Corey Hart has hidden gems in his discography, such as the song 'Fields of Fire.'


00:00 Introduction and Song Choice

00:33 Discussion about Colors and Ducks

01:12 Glass Blowing and Personal Experiences

04:15 Opinions on Glass Blowing

05:04 Unusual Glass Blowing Creations

05:31 Discussion about Woodturning

06:28 Woodturning and Christmas Ornaments

07:53 Topic Introduction: Battle Royale

09:20 Game: Choosing Defenses

10:48 Discussion and Decision Making

13:44 Debate on the Hunter Option

19:35 Discussion on Gorillas and Their Strength

22:30 Conversation Shift to Disney Princesses

23:26 Quiz: Which Disney Princess Are You?

27:02 Guessing Favorite Disney Princesses

30:00 Disney Princesses

36:24 The Seed Vault

38:21 The Vault Under the Ice

40:10 Plant Talk

41:05 Music Recommendations

46:37 The Lemon Twigs

49:40 Misunderstood Terms

52:01 Christmas Episode Planning

56:04 Upcoming Milestone

57:22 Corey Hart's Hidden Gems