067 Crazy Train

The Setlist of Life

02-01-2024 • 56 mins


The conversation begins with a discussion about New Year's plans and the stress of the holiday season. The main topic of the conversation revolves around a data breach and security incident at a school district. The hosts discuss the handling of the breach, the motivations of the person responsible, and the implications and consequences of the incident. They express frustration with the lack of information and the need for action from the school system. The conversation then shifts to a trip to Las Vegas and the favorite parts of the city. It concludes with a discussion on New Year's celebrations and crowd experiences. In this episode, the gang discusses various New Year's Eve traditions and celebrations. They talk about attending the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and New Year's Eve events, including the ball drop in Times Square. They also reminisce about past house parties and how their celebrations have changed since having children. The conversation then shifts to Pennsylvania traditions, such as banging pots and eating sauerkraut for good luck. They delve into the unique aspects of Amish communities in Pennsylvania and share their thoughts on a movie about an Amish community discovering the outside world. The episode concludes with recommendations for the movie War Games and the TV series Murder at the End of the World and The Office.


Data breaches can have serious consequences and impact the privacy and security of individuals.

Proper handling and communication of a data breach is crucial to maintain trust and address concerns.

Motivations behind harmful actions can vary, but it is important to consider the impact on others.

Holiday season can be stressful, but finding joy in small moments and spending time with loved ones can make it special.

New Year's celebrations can be enjoyable, but personal preferences and comfort levels should be considered when planning activities. New Year's Eve celebrations can vary widely, from attending large events like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the ball drop in Times Square to more intimate house parties.

Traditions differ across regions, with Pennsylvania having its own unique customs like banging pots and eating sauerkraut for good luck.

Amish communities in Pennsylvania live simple lives but may have different levels of interaction with the outside world, with Mennonites having more modern amenities.

The movie discussed in the episode explores the conflict that arises when an isolated community discovers the existence of the outside world.

The hosts recommend the movie War Games and the TV series Murder at the End of the World and The Office.


00:00 Introduction and New Year's Discussion

01:10 Crazy Train Story

03:47 Data Breach and Security

06:39 Handling of the Data Breach

07:38 Implications and Consequences

09:07 Desired Actions and Resolutions

11:31 Motivations and Perspectives

13:17 Lack of Information and Frustration

15:02 Christmas and New Year's Plans

23:42 Las Vegas Trip

27:25 Favorite Part of Vegas

29:59 Unique Bathroom Experience

32:28 New Year's Plans

37:02 Upcoming Bowl Game Trips

39:58 Discussion on New Year's Celebrations

42:30 Crowd Experiences and New Year's in New York

43:28 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and New Year's Eve

44:16 House Parties and New Year's Eve

45:27 Personal New Year's Eve Celebrations

46:54 Pennsylvania Traditions

48:45 Amish Communities in Pennsylvania

49:43 Amish and Mennonite Distinctions

50:10 Movie Discussion: Amish Community and the Outside World

51:33 Movie Discussion: Goat Baby Movie

52:26 Movie Recommendation: War Games

53:43 TV Series Recommendation: Murder at the End of the World

54:12 TV Series Recommendation: The Office

55:20 Closing Remarks and New Year's Wishes