075 Take Me Home Tonight

The Setlist of Life

26-03-2024 • 1 hr 15 mins

In this episode, we celebrate our 75th episode and discuss artists who are 75 years old. We also provide updates on personal events and follow-up on previous topics. The conversation covers topics such as feedback on a performance, travel plans, OCD tendencies, toilet paper orientation, and favorite weekly TV shows. We also recommend music and discuss our preferences for streaming services and series. In this episode, we discuss the Barkley Marathons, a grueling and secretive ultramarathon race. We also share our recent achievements in pickleball and play a game called the Worst Case Scenario. The conversation touches on movies that we've never seen and upcoming college visits. We also discuss the reality TV show Blown Away, a glass blowing competition.


Celebrate milestones and achievements

Stay updated on personal events and provide follow-up on previous topics

Engage in lighthearted discussions about everyday topics

Share recommendations for music, TV shows, and streaming services


00:00 Introduction and Celebration of 75th Episode

01:00 Artists Who Are 75 Years Old

01:31 Personal Updates and Follow-Up

06:13 Discussion on Buttons and Memory Games

06:40 Upcoming Concerts and Music Recommendations

09:18 Discussion on Travel Plans

11:28 Conversation about Snacktives and Sponsorship

12:33 Discussion on OCD Tendencies

19:32 Conversation about Sticky Messes

23:56 Favorite Weekly TV Shows

27:56 Discussion on Streaming Services and Series Recommendations

38:07 The Barkley Marathons

41:19 Pickleball Achievements

46:21 The Worst Case Scenario Game

56:30 Movies Not Seen

01:06:22 College Visits

01:10:37 Blown Away: The Glass Blowing Competition