Attack Of The Clones Reviewed & A Quiz! A Questionable Romance, Sifo Dias, Lightsaber Duels & The Clone Wars With Dave & Maff

Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Your Guide To The Canon, Through The Comic Book Lens

19-11-2023 • 2 hrs 3 mins

Here is yet another Star Wars conversation, where Dave, Maff & Mike bring you their thoughts on Attack Of The Clones! Three episodes serve as a soft lead into the Clone Wars animated series; this, the Phantom Menace chat and the upcoming Clone Wars movie review! The debate continues on the quality of the prequels as we draw nearer to the animated series that changed Star Wars forever!

In more detail, the trio discuss their first impressions of Attack Of The Clones and if their views have changed. They then discuss Anakin & Padmé’s somewhat questionable romance, Mike explains the mystery surrounding Sifo Dias & the clone army, the Geonosis battle, the finale lightsaber duel, what could be improved and how the film compares to The Phantom Menace. Plus Maff has put together a quiz for Mike & Dave to do – play along and tell us how you did!

Clone Wars Conversations! will debut in 2024 and will be a monthly podcast by Dave, Maff & Mike where they’ll be going through each season of The Clone Wars animated series.

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01:43:25 Final Thoughts

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