Are You "Crazy" or "Hysterical" Or Is It Women's Health? Danyele Wilson on Her PCOS Story

Real Pod

27-09-2023 • 52 mins

TW: Suicidal ideation is discussed in this episode.

Get ready for some real talk that's all about unlocking wellness and embracing life's curveballs. This week Victoria is joined by Danyele Wilson, an athlete, trainer, and influencer. Through her content, Danyele shares her journey in hopes of inspiring people to embrace their body's inner strength.

Danyele has been an athlete her whole life, from gymnastics at age 2 to cheerleading in high school and college, but earlier this year her path took an unexpected twist when she faced a mental health spiral and was later diagnosed with PCOS.

Victoria and Danyele fellow 'PCOS sisters', dive into their experience with everything from insurance hurdles to the lack of PCOS expertise in the medical world. Danyele also shares about her journey back to balance and wellness as she shares how slowing down has helped her health and escape from the fitness industry grind.

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