Living Climate Change Africa

BBC Media Action

For most people around the world, weather forecasts are easily available, understandable, mostly accurate – and taken for granted. But in Eastern Africa, climate change is contributing to rapidly changing and more extreme weather patterns, including harsh drought and devastating flooding. Herders and farmers may have no access to smartphones or even radios, and even if they do, how weather information is presented may be too technical to have much relevance in their daily lives.

But understanding the changing weather is increasingly a matter of a life or death.

The Living Climate Change Africa podcast speaks with everyday people across East Africa, to find out how they are living with climate change, how they understand weather patterns and predict what is ahead, if and how they are adapting and what they expect from leaders and policymakers. It also reveals how media and communication can play an effective role in making scientific weather forecasting more effective for audiences.

Living Climate Change Africa is a production of BBC Media Action, the BBC's international charity, in collaboration with ICPAC and with financial support from the European Union. It was produced for BBC Media Action by Julian Macharia and presented by Diana Njeru.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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