Leadership Alchemy and Mental Health with Rebekah Cresswell

The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

11-01-2024 • 38 mins

Rebekah Cresswell is the CEO of Priory, the UK’s top mental health and social care provider, and brings a wealth of leadership experience to the show.

With roles including Head of Governance at NHS Stockport and Assistant Director at NHS Northwest, Rebekah joined Priory in 2012. As Chief Operating Officer, she led 240 sites before becoming Priory’s first female CEO in 2021, post-merger with MEDIAN.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How successful leaders are made from the right mix of IQ, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and AQ (Adaptability Quotient), and what research says is the best ratio of those ingredients (Goleman, Salavoy and Mayer).
  • A live example of how to manage transitions between meetings and be fully present in the moment regardless of what happened before.
  • What to do when you crave certainty and are forced to lead in a deeply volatile and uncertain environment.
  • What to do when you or a loved one is experiencing periods of significant mental ill-health via Ben’s personal and raw experiences.
  • Plus, lots more.

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