Navigating Strategic Thinking and Cultivating Effective Communication with Michael Watkins

The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast

22-02-2024 • 50 mins

Join Ben Morton for a not-to-be-missed episode featuring Michael Watkins, a professor of leadership at IMD Business School and bestselling author, as they explore strategic thinking and effective communication in the workplace.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  1. Michael's insights into what it truly means to think strategically and practical applications for enhancing strategic thinking abilities within your organization.
  2. Strategies for developing a strategic mindset and fostering effective communication to drive organizational success.
  3. Practical exercises and frameworks for enhancing strategic thinking capabilities and overcoming common challenges.
  4. The importance of effective communication in strategic leadership and strategies for articulating vision, aligning stakeholders, and driving strategic initiatives forward.
  5. How to overcome hang-ups about office politics and leveraging influence to drive change within organizations.

Plus lots more.

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