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Peace Talkz is a podcast by a married couple that aims to bring the most random information to your ears while connecting with one another. We invite you to eavesdrop on our educational and entertaining content with the hope you feel included and informed by our conversations. read less
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PeaceTalkz: The Hooke and Newton Feud
PeaceTalkz: The Hooke and Newton Feud
Heather and Erik talk about the Robert Hooke and Sir Issac Newton Feud. Resources: Ball, Johnny. 2017. Wonders Beyond Numbers: A brief history of all things mathematical. Bloomsbury Sigma. Bechler, Zev. 1974. “Newton’s 1672 Optical Controversies: A Study in the Grammar of Scientific Dissent.” In The Interaction Between Science and Philosophy, edited by Yehuda Elkana and Samuel Sambursky, 115–142. Atlantic Highlands, N.J., Humanities Press.  Chandrasekhar, Subrahmanyan. 2003. Newton’s Principia for the Common Reader. Oxford University Press.  Gal. 2002. Meanest Foundations.  Guicciardini, Niccolo. 2005. “Reconsidering the Hooke-Newton Debate on Gravitation: Recent Results.” Early Science and Medicine 10: 510–17.  Herivel, John. 1965. The Background to Newton’s Principia.  Hooke, Robert. 1674. “An Attempt to Prove the Motion of the Earth from Observations.” rmanent/library/XXTBUC3U/pageimg.  Newton, Isaac. 1960. “Correspondence of Isaac Newton, Vol 2” 2: 431–48.  Schopenhauer. 2013. “Schopenhauer on Newton and Hooke.” The Monist 23: 439–45.  Sfetcu, Nicholae. 2019. Isaac Newton vs. Robert Hooke on the law of universal gravitation.,ideas%20expressed%20in%20previous%20works. Whiteside, D. T. 1991. “The Pre-History of the ‘Principia’ from 1664 to 1686.” Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London, 11–61.  --- Send in a voice message: