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Brainz Podcast Special Edition - Navigate The Differences, Overlaps, And Tension Between Coaching And Therapy


11-07-2023 • 42 mins

This is a special edition of the Brainz Podcast with Host Kelsay Elizabeth Myers and featuring Leela Davis.

Kelsay is a Transformative Coach and Expressive Arts Practitioner working along the edges of the mythic self, trauma resolution, and compassionate change. If you’re holding back in your creativity and in your life, she offers cutting-edge transformative programs and courses to help you reestablish creative flow, experience more joy in life, and feel settled in your whole system, so you can have more personal power. Leela is a Creative Wellness Coach and multi-passionate healer dedicated to discovering her unique health style through studying practices informed by Yoga, Meditation, Nutrition, Positive psychology, Buddhism, Astrology, Human Design, and Energy Medicine, to name a few. She helps creative rebels who are ready to grow beyond their fears.

In this episode, they have a lively conversation to help you navigate the differences, overlaps, and sometimes, tension between coaching and therapy in today’s world. If you’re considering working with someone on your mental health or personal development, you’ll get some insights into which side of “the business of caring about people” you might fall.

Listen and enjoy!

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