The Healthusiasm Podcast

Christophe Jauquet

The Healthusiasm podcast is a panel discussion on behaviours, innovations and trends in health and self-care hosted by Christophe Jauquet, author of Healthusiasm and a global keynote speaker on the future of health & self-care business. Every month, Christophe discusses with a panel of experts the positive changes that are shaping the future of our health and happiness.

The Healthusiasm podcast consists of five international experts with different health backgrounds and different Healthusiasms:

  • Christophe Jauquet – Health business expert, keynote speaker, and author of Healthusiasm
  • Aditi Joshi – Medical expert in digital health with a Healthusiasm for the future of the clinical workforce
  • Aline Noizet – Digital health expert with a Healthusiasm for digital start-ups
  • Krupa Suthar – Customer experience and research expert with a Healthusiasm for women’s and youth’s health
  • Mo Zouina – Human experience expert with a Healthusiasm for wellness, care & cosmetics
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Health Rewards & Barbie Health
Health Rewards & Barbie Health
In the first show of season 2, the Healthusiasm panel debates: The value of providing rewards in health managementThe opportunities Barbie could bring in health & self-careOn top of that, the panel also briefly touches upon: How King Charles helps 40 women with natural fertility treatments on World IVF dayApple’s new patent to turn Airpods into health devicesHims & Hers launching mints as erectile disfunction medicationPatients on Medicare Advantage having claims denied based on AIThe World Health Organisation launching “Human Functioning” as a new way of thinking about healthThe Paris SyndromeSweatcoin being the most downloaded health & self-care app.Tiny surgical robots transforming detection and treatment of cancers GoodRx rewarding patients to increase adherenceMayo Clinic testing Google’s Med-PaLM 2 AI chat technologyStart-up Alba Health providing digital gut health support for childrenSouth Koreans turning one year younger on the 28th of JuneAmazon ramping up their healthcare strategy with Clinic and HealthScribeWhether AI can be combined with fax machines to unburden hospitals This show is produced by Shift Forward Health, the channel for change makers. Subscribe to Shift Forward Health on your favorite podcast app, and you’ll be subscribed to our entire library of shows. See our full lineup at One subscription, all the podcasts you need, all for free. See for privacy information.