Dead City Drive-In

09-12-2022 • 1 hr 43 mins

Hop in! We’re going for a ride in our ‘58 Plymouth Fury for a Drive-In screening of one of our favorite sequels of all time: Don Coscarelli’s PHANTASM II! Watch along as Brandon & Chris talk all over the studio-financed, stealth remake of the original fever-dream masterpiece. It’s 97 minutes of spacegates, chainsaw fights and silver spheres that’ll get you more pumped up than a sawed-off quad-barrelled shotgun blasting grandma-dwarves down a flight of stairs! Don’t be intimidated by the potential wrath of the Tall Man, this is a DCDI Commentary Special and that means talking’s allowed, boooooyyyyy! Get more Dead City Drive-In content on Patreon!

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