Dead City Drive-In

Brandon Windish & Chris Holcom

Movie nerds Brandon Windish & Chris Holcom have somehow landed jobs as the heads of programming at the Dead City Drive-In. Held prisoner by their bosses, the Drive-In Gods, they are tasked with programming a specially-themed double-feature for the ravenous hordes of mutants and madmen outside their projection room door.

Each episode, Brandon, Chris and a special guest-programmer plumb the depths of psychotronic cinema. Killer Robots! Satanic Terror! Hideous Freaks! Creepy Crawlies! No sub-genre will be left unearthed! Three flicks get thrown into the ring, but only two can make it to the slime-splattered screens of the Dead City Drive-In!

SEASON THREE is out now, with new episodes every other Friday!

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