Path to Cop - Finance - Global Ethical Finance Initiative - Natalie Jackson and Nordea

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15-06-2023 • 45 mins

Welcome to The Path to COP (26) Podcast by Nordea Asset Management and in association with the Global Ethical Finance Initiative. Produced and Hosted by New Fund Order.

Episode 1 - Finance agenda: "Mobilising Public and Private Finance Flows at Scale for Mitigation and Adaptation".

Join me, JB Beckett, your host and guests Natalie from GEFI and Harry from Nordea for the first Path to COP podcast, covering;

1) The Race to Net Zero: When it comes to Net Zero targets, are we moving fast enough, how best to structure a roadmap that turns 30 years pledges into meaningful actions?


How important are Climate-related strategies to becoming ‘Net Zero’?

What progress are you hoping to see at COP?

Net Zero pledges, powerful or platitude?

Is divestment the answer?

What challenges must organisations overcome to develop a net zero strategy?

What’s driving the large number of net zero commitments?

What tools and frameworks can help investors on their net zero journey?

What role does the government play in delivering net zero?

To what extent does it make sense for a financial institution to claim net zero alignment if the same isn’t also true for the economy at large?

2) Carbon:  Has Climate Change become a binary question of Carbon and Weighted Climate Intensity?


Is Carbon Unit Pricing, is it key to climate change?

Is carbon offsetting a necessary evil or a useful tool?

Is Scope 2 and 3 still problematic, does that matter?

Green Energy, how best to finance?

What type of carbon metrics allow investors to consider both legs of the “double materiality” of climate change?

How can investors ensure that their performance on various carbon metrics isn’t disconnected from what’s happening in the real world?

As well as; circularity, data and greenwashing.

Guest Speaker Bios:

Harry Granqvist, Nordea Asset Management.  “Harry is a Senior ESG Analyst focusing on climate and emerging markets. He joined Nordea in 2017 and prior to that worked with energy analytics and transition strategies in the UK. Harry holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics.”

Natalie Jackson, Global Ethical Finance Initiative ('GEFI') “Natalie is an Executive Manager at the Global Ethical Finance Initiative (GEFI) and has over 10 years of experience working in finance. She worked in project finance with a focus on education, infrastructure and renewable energy projects. She has also spent extended periods of time working with social enterprises in Africa and has assisted entrepreneurs in the Global South through the Grow Movement and Kiva. Natalie also currently sits on the Social Growth Fund Board at Social Investment Scotland, advising on the disbursement of £17m of funding to Scottish social enterprises.”

COP 26 Presidency programme:

Nordea Asset Management (UK)
UK asset manager with offices in London. Copenhagen headquartered.

Global Ethical Finance Initiative 'GEFI'
Scottish based NGO focussed on Ethica

Nordea Asset Management (UK)
Leading Nordic Asset Manager

Global Ethical Finance Initiative 'GEFI'
Scottish based NGO driving ethical finance for change

Produced by New Fund Order

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