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The Pulse: Stormy interviews Whitehaven High School Coach Rodney Saulsberry
The Pulse: Stormy interviews Whitehaven High School Coach Rodney Saulsberry
Stormy talks to Memphian and Coach Rodney Saulsberry about coaching, life, working with the Showboats and his new opportunity with the NFL and Tampa Bay.MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - For Whitehaven Head Football Coach Rodney Saulsberry, he will get the chance of lifetime helping out this spring with the Memphis Showboats.The opportunity is through the UFL and the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches, and Saulsberry will work an intern type position with the team.The Whitehaven Head Coach has won several state championships in 19 years with the school, he says getting to work with a professional staff is really going to benefit his team come the fall.“You hope they understand the gravity of the opportunity to work at higher level and understand that it promotes them and gives them the opportunity to learn more,” Saulsberry said.Since the USFL and XFL combined into the UFL there has been an emphasis on inclusion. They are working to break the barriers that have been in place in football, and Saulsberry said he feels like it is huge just to get your foot in the door.“If we can continue to get these opportunities, get in these environments, be able to meet and network with coaches at a different level, we will be able to show our self-worth and opportunities should be open to us and we could balance out the coaching ranks across the board,” Saulsberry said.Saulsberry said he is using this opportunity to make sure everything he is doing at the high school level is preparing his student athletes for not only football but for life.“You know the goal is to get confirmation that you are doing the right things for your kids, you want to make sure you are putting student athletes in the proper position to capitalize on their athletic abilities, our moto is we want to use football as a means to an end,” Saulsberry said.Salsberry is already in Texas working with the team ahead of their first game and is excited for the season to come.