S2 Ep.48 | The 2023 Recession has Started - WHAT TO DO

Master Keys Real Estate Podcast

28-11-2022 • 1 hr 41 mins

On today’s episode, we have a two parter with guest Pete Cove joining the guys half way through. Before the interview, the guys chat about new regulations for Airbnb, China’s 16 step plan to save their real estate industry, and today’s topic: how to save and spend your money wisely. In part 2, the guys chat with Pete about his recent horrific experience with the living conditions of his rental and the difficulty he had dealing with the landlord and property management company. Tune in to this one on YouTube to see pictures of the unit, you don’t wanna miss this!

Show notes:

00:00 - Introduction

9:15 - Airbnb regulations

19:55 - NEWS update: Housing initiatives in BC | How to make first million | RVs revisited

27:45 - China’s plan to save the real estate industry - 16 steps

37:55 - Today’s topic: How to save money and spend it wisely

53:17 - Introduction to Pete Cove

58:52 - Seeing the unit for the first time

1:05:17 - Dealing with the grime

1:16:17 - Figuring out rights as a tenant

1:22:43 - The rats show themselves

1:24:20 - Pest control and deception from landlord

1:35:17 - Eviction notice/conclusion

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