Ep:19—Interview with Dental Practice Coach and Author, Jerry Jones

The Author Factor Podcast

15-04-2020 • 34 mins

Jerry has started companies involved in real estate development, dental
offices, equipment leasing, franchising, licensing, publishing, marketing,
advertising, and sales companies, even private schools and seminar
companies. He has served on the boards of a non-profit and a finance

He spends the vast majority of his time today working with his Private
Clients and Members of Jerry Jones Direct, by providing real world, proven
advice to increase dental practice revenues and profits – all based on his own
dental office in Salem, Oregon.

As an author of several books, including Practice Building Success
Strategies, Vols I-III, 24 Mistakes Doctors Make, The Business Anarchist’s
Guide to Peak Productivity & Time Management, and The Definitive Guide
to Dental Practice Success. Jerry has also co-authored two books with his
mentor and good friend, the legendary Dan Kennedy, and currently has a
brand-new book in the works revealing secrets from 2 decades filling dental
practices with patients.

You can learn more about Jerry by visiting: https://jerryjonesdirect.com.

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