Episode 752: How Inflation Works and Winning Friends and Influencing People in the Digital Age

On Top of the World Radio with Chris Story

14-11-2023 • 50 mins

**On Top of the World Radio - November 14, 2023**

**Episode: "Promise Yourself, Quantum Leap, and Alaska Adventures"**

Welcome to On Top of the World Radio, where wisdom meets adventure. In this episode:

1. **"Promise Yourself":** Embrace strength, optimism, and compassion, shaping a better world for yourself and those around you.

2. **"A Formula for Change":** Understand change with the 20-50-30 rule—20% support, 50% wait, 30% resist. Navigate change dynamics effectively.

3. **"Quantum Leap in Life":** Change doesn't have to be slow. One decision, massive action—leap into a new life direction for success.

4. **"Beware of Statistics":** Delve into the deceptive world of statistics. Not everything presented as a statistic is as straightforward as it seems.

5. **"Remember America":** Senator Rand Paul highlights fiscal challenges. Reflect on Ronald Reagan's words on inflation and current economic realities.

6. **"The Word - Sanguine":** Explore the optimism of "sanguine," rooted in Latin. A term evolved to convey positivity in challenging situations.

7. **"Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age":** Dale Carnegie's timeless principles for effective communication, even in the digital era.

8. **"Alaska Adventure Highlights":** Discover the wonders of Alaska, from Denali National Park to the Northern Lights and dog sledding.

9. **"Lottery Luck in Virginia":** A last-minute lottery ticket brings a Virginia man $5 million. What would you do with the sudden windfall?

10. **"What Would You Say?":** Sometimes, silence is the best response. Explore the art of saying nothing in communication.

11. **"Top 10 Dog Names":** For pet lovers, discover the top 10 male and female dog names—inspiration for your furry friend.

12. **"Most Popular Baby Names":** Uncover the trends in baby names, providing inspiration for parents-to-be.

13. **"Born to Live Review":** A heartfelt review of "Born to Live" brings a listener to tears. Chris, thank you for sharing your story. Buy BORN TO LIVE today at www.ILoveHomerAlaska.com/books

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