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Introducing… Who Trolled Amber?

What comes to mind when you think of Amber Heard? Liar? Survivor? Narcissist? Millions of us watched the celebrity trial of the century, Depp v Heard, in 2022. Amber Heard lost and Johnny Depp was vindicated. But what if Amber was actually the victim of an organised trolling campaign? What if the online hate against her was manufactured?

Alexi Mostrous, the reporter who brought you Sweet Bobby and Hoaxed, investigates what happened to Amber and who might have been responsible. It’s a story about how our own thoughts and opinions can be moulded without us even realising.

All six episodes of Who Trolled Amber are now available to binge-listen.

Who Trolled Amber is the latest series in Tortoise Investigates, the home of Tortoise's award-winning investigative series.

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Reporter and host: Alexi Mostrous

Producer: Xavier Greenwood

Editor: David Taylor

Narrative editor: Gary Marshall

Additional reporting: Katie Riley

Sound design: Karla Patella

Artwork: Jon Hill & Oscar Ingham

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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Our Editor's Take

Could someone fall in love with a person they haven't even met? Sweet Bobby is an investigation podcast that takes listeners on a journey of discovery to find the truth. After host Kirat Assi meets a wonderful man online, she finds herself falling. But who is Bobby? The more she gets to know him, the more there is that doesn't quite add up. As lies build, Kirat starts to wonder if she knows Bobby at all. Listeners can follow along as she dives into finding out the truth about Bobby. She may think she is only looking for answers about her beau, but it becomes a search for a high-level catfisher. The episodes run in real-time as she uncovers secrets and unsettling facts about the man she thought she knew.

Dynamic, gripping and shocking, this podcast is a must-listen. It is the perfect listen for fans of true crime, investigative stories, and TV shows like Catfish. Each twist and turn will surprise, and listeners will feel the rollercoaster of emotions alongside Kirat as she unpacks a life full of lies. Epic scams, layers of deceit, and a web of deceit will reel audiences in. Uncovering the truth will compel them to stay. This show is perfect for those who love stories like the Tinder Swindler or Inventing Anna. It is catfishing at its finest…and most dangerous.

Listeners are already raving about the Sweet Bobby podcast. It has gained the attention of media companies, and garnered over a million viewers from across the globe. It is one of the best podcast series around. The real-life story will captivate listeners. But Kirat's story is also relatable—how many people have also been too trusting and fallen for a stranger? Emotional, tense and down-right entertaining, this podcast is a must-add to any playlist.

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Introducing: Three doors down
Introducing: Three doors down
Introducing Three doors down: a murder, a mother and a thirty year investigationIn May in a packed room at Newcastle Crown Court, David Boyd, was found guilty of the brutal murder in 1992 of seven year-old Nikki Allan. Sharon Henderson, Nikki’s mother, called for a public inquiry into why it had taken the police so long to find and convict her daughter’s murderer. When Nikki was murdered, Sharon was a single mother of four living in Wear Garth, a rundown housing estate in Sunderland. David Boyd lived a few floors above Sharon in the same block. He was known to the police. He was the kind of offender who should have been caught. Three doors down tells the astonishing story of Sharon Henderson’s thirty year campaign to get justice for her daughter’s killing. It shines a light on police behaviour and their treatment of working class women. It’s a personal tale of trauma and resilience in the face of systemic police failure, that couldn’t be more timely. Listen to the full series today. For the premium Tortoise listening experience, curated by our journalists, download the free Tortoise audio app. For early and ad-free access to all our investigative series and daily and weekly shows, subscribe to Tortoise+ on Apple Podcasts.If you’d like to further support slow journalism and help us build a different kind of newsroom, do consider donating to Tortoise at Your contributions allow us to investigate, campaign and explore, and to build a newsroom that is responsible and sustainable. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.