The Reluctant Dragon (1941)

Once Again

14-07-2022 • 32 mins

“Humorist Robert Benchley learns about the animation process at Walt Disney Studios while trying to find the great man himself to pitch him the idea of making a cartoon about a shy dragon.” - IMDB

In this week’s episode of the Once Again Podcast, hosts Ashley and Jason take a trip back in time in their series watching the Disney animated films to 1941 for The Reluctant Dragon. The film consists of two main parts: a live-action segment giving the audience a tour of the (then) new Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California; and an animated short adaption of Kenneth Grahame’s The Reluctant Dragon.

Some of the humor still holds up today, but some does not. Hear what our hosts have to say about this film in this week’s episode.

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