Ranbankura – The Invincible warriors of Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is predominantly known for its royal kings and their lifestyles that also can be seen through their gorgeous and stunning architectures all through the state which have been a matter of prestige for the entire country. The state used to be home of almost all of the Chuhan rulers and the prominent Rajput Kings and they were known for their bravery and valour. The Rajput women were also known for their dignified lifestyle and love for their motherland and many times they sacrificed their lives to save their modesty. And these sagas cannot get completed until we know about the fierce battles of the state that captures an important part of the history of India.  It happened many times and with many opponents i.e. Delhi rulers, Mughals and outside invaders but the Rajputs always fought bravely for their motherland. So in this digital segment we can explore some of the battles in a story telling format ,  which were part of the state history .

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