How To Manifest An Abundant Life When You Have Tried Everything!

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17-02-2022 • 51 mins

Please welcome today law of attraction Guru: Neomaya De’Jesus Davila!

Neo retired from New Jersey, Camden City Police Department just eight months after learning about the law of attraction. He was so good at his job he got the nickname ‘Neo’ after the character from the Matrix movie. Since then he’s interviewed hundreds of law of attraction specialists worldwide.

He displays their tips and secrets in his fantastic monthly Law of Attraction Summit and is here to demonstrate his top techniques to successfully manipulate the law of attraction in your favour. Being happier more often, more successful, and living an overall better life.

We could all do with a life rich in abundance that and so I thought I. have to get Neomaya on the show to share his knowledge and expertise!

In Neo’s words, ‘I’m considered a law of attraction guru because of my results. Retiring at the age of 28 just 8 months after seeing the movie The Secret for the 1st time. I’ve interviewed over 1000 law of attraction enthusiast and I display their best tips and secrets in my monthly Law of Attraction Summit. In other words, the information is clutch.’

In The Gentle Yoga Warrior's words: Neomaya’s  seems to have lived a full and vibrant, and a truly inspiring life.  A brave and positive influential person who, to me, seems to be a motivating and compelling public figure.  The fact he doesn't charge for his abundance seminars shows to me that he really does want to help others and also knows his stuff!

Neo's website: https://www.neopositivity.com

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