Life Lessons On How To Consciously Unleash Your Greatness

The Gentle Yoga Warrior's Conscious Conversations To Help You Grow And Discover Who You Are

18-05-2022 • 39 mins

Life Lessons On How To Consciously Unleash Your Greatness with Special Guest: Chris Plourde who is Los Angeles based Conscious Performance Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Mind Body Instructor with over 20 years of experience. Chris has travelled both nationally and internationally speaking, educating on the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of wellness & life. He has also worked with and coached well-known companies such as Walt Disney, Xerox, Lululemon, Twitter and many more! Chris has mentored and consulted with celebrities, business executives, top fitness professionals and military special ops personal. By disrupting old patterns and identifying limiting beliefs, Chris guides his clients to achieving their goals and through the process of falling in love with the Journey of becoming the greatest version of themselves!
In Chris’s words, ‘It is my goal to help individuals and organizations gain clarity, and work towards what they want in life, create new habits, and get into massive action by unleashing the greatness that is already there and owning their unique stories. I believe freedom is an inside job, and it’s our relationship with circumstances and people in our lives that sometimes need a perspective shift.

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