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23-03-2022 • 48 mins

Please welcome today… Author Joshua Marcengill, who is the founder of Abundant Encounters. Joshua has had Supernatural Encounters with Jesus. I was intrigued to speak with Joshua today as he must be our first guest to have had a supernatural encounter with Jesus that I have met.

Our Podcast, as some of you know, likes to interview people from a broad range of spiritual beliefs and experiences and today’s conversation I feel will open the door for those on a similar path to Joshua.

On Joshua’s website Abundant counters, it reads that Joshua and his wife Mary offer the following services, which Joshua will share a bit more of later in the Podcast:

‘All of our services are designed to help support your personal journey into many real adventures with the reality of God in your life. '

Joshua was an atheist until he had an Encounter  and he speaks openly about his struggles and his transformation.  A genuine and inspiring person who is here to help others on their journey.

Joshua's Website https://www.abundantencounters.com

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