Episode 1 - Al & Val talk Norwich City and Fulham

Norwich City Football Club - Al & Val's We Meet Again

20-08-2023 • 45 mins

The Championship is back and so are Al & Val for the final series of their Norwich City Football club podcast 'We Meet Again'.

First up it's our bogey side, the club with the neutral end - Fulham.

Our awful record aside we also talk about:

- Managerial debuts and a certain maverick
- A shocking end to survival Sunday
- A record signing (who ended up at Yarmouth)

There is also a chance to gauge thoughts and expectations as City begin another Championship campaign.

Thanks for listening to our Norwich FC podcast

Al (Allan Kemp) - Norwich geek and exiled fan
Val (Val Tolhurst) - Upper Barclay season ticketer and 'super' fan

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