Tom Dean Medal Machine


With two Olympic gold medals already under his belt at just 23, Tom Dean MBE is taking on what many say is impossible in Paris this summer: he'll be attempting a record-breaking five-medal haul. It's the ultimate challenge, one that no Team GB athlete has ever achieved before. Tom is going to need every bit of help he can get; that’s where the podcast comes in. The mission? To build the 'Medal Machine', an all-encompassing behemoth that is going to give Tom the edge come July.  Less 'high-intensity training camp in the alps', more 'down the pub round the corner from the pool', the podcast will cover everything from the very best cheat meals with celebrity chefs, to writing motivational chants with popstars. Tom's conversations will arm him with the knowledge he needs to be the best version of himself out of the pool, so he can make history in it. read less