The Cost of Love with Haley McGee

Haley McGee

Is the cost of love worth it? Join love idiot, actor & author Haley McGee as she talks to a wide range of experts to find out. Equal parts brainy, cathartic and dishy, each episode features a conversation with a different expert – from an AI specialist to a porn editor, a divorce lawyer to a romance author, an egg-freezing aficionado to a couple’s therapist and a reality TV producer to a sex toy manufacturer – to dig into that strange, juicy place where love, money, relationships and numbers collide. And so that we might discover something only they can teach us about the cost of love. So, if you’re also a love idiot and you find yourself wondering … Is the pain of dating is worth the fleeting moments of bliss? When should I quit or commit to a relationship? Is the sum of my romantic failures zero? Is the Cost of Love worth it? And should I risk it again? Join for Season One of The Cost of Love, premiering 10th February. read less
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