Mark Farley: From Addiction to Transformation

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

20-08-2023 • 44 mins

We sat down with Mark Farley, a pastor, recovery champion, and co-founder of the Sugar & Carb Addicts Anonymous (SCAA), for an intimate and honest conversation about addiction, recovery, and transformation. Mark's recovery journey is nothing short of remarkable; he's conquered alcohol addiction, defeated sugar and carb addiction, and lost an incredible 120 pounds in the process. But his journey is more than just a personal triumph—it's an inspiring testament to resilience, community, faith, and the power of a personalized, sustainable path to recovery.

We delve into Mark's struggle with food addiction and how he found freedom through a 12-step program. He sheds light on the importance of a balanced diet, viewing addiction as a serious issue, and the significant role of community and connection in overcoming addiction. Mark's story is a fascinating exploration of recovery, from recognizing and accepting addiction, to finding and embracing a path to recovery, to ultimately transforming his life.

Our conversation also touches on Mark's spiritual awakening, his work with various recovery-focused organizations, and his dedication to helping others. He shares how his experiences led him to establish a nonprofit, Faith Through Works, providing practical help for those in need. If you've ever battled addiction or are in the midst of recovery, Mark's story serves as a poignant reminder that it's never too late to change, that you're not alone, and that recovery is not just possible—it's attainable. Tune in for an episode that's as enlightening as it is inspirational.

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