Achara Tarfa: Exploring Trauma and the Power of Self-Compassion

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

07-08-2023 • 35 mins

Have you ever wondered about the power of self-compassion on the road to recovery? Join me as I converse with the remarkable Achara Tarfa, a trauma recovery coach and certified Internal Family Systems therapist who's breaking multi-generational trauma patterns. We unravel the complex nature of trauma, exploring differing perspectives from eminent experts in the field. Achara shares her personal journey, which not only led her to overcome her own trauma but also fuelled her passion to guide others on their path to recovery.

As we navigate the course of our conversation, we talk about the unique ways in which trauma manifests, and how understanding these manifestations can help regain a sense of safety. We delve into the power of neuroplasticity and nutrition in the healing process and underscore the importance of self-compassion in recovery. Achara lays bare her insights on avoiding destructive comparison, practicing self-love, and the surprisingly major role of sugar in our lives. This episode is truly a treasure trove of resources for anyone seeking to heal and thrive.

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