Katie Grimm: A Journey to Self-Love and Healthy Boundaries

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

17-06-2023 • 37 mins

Struggling with food addiction and seeking freedom from harmful eating habits? Join us as we sit down with Katie Grimm, an inspiring woman who has triumphed over her own food and sugar addiction and now helps others on their journey to recovery. With multiple coaching certifications and expertise in setting boundaries, Katie shares her own story of growth and healing that you won't want to miss.

In this powerful conversation, Katie opens up about growing up in a family plagued by addiction and how she discovered a more nurturing food program to help her find peace with her body size and curves. We dive into her use of intuitive eating and Internal Family Systems (IFS) techniques to maintain a healthy relationship with food and discuss the concept of body neutrality. Plus, learn how Katie transformed her relationship with sugar and how you can too.

Lastly, we explore the importance of prioritizing ourselves, setting boundaries, and saying 'no' to others in order to trust our own systems and find inner strength. Katie's story is a testament to the power of self-love and trust in overcoming food addiction and creating a fulfilling, healthy life. Don't miss out on this incredible episode, and be sure to follow Katie online to learn more about her journey and expertise.

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