Udo Erasmus: Health, Wellness, and Inner Peace

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

01-12-2023 • 1 hr 22 mins

The revolution of health and wellness is upon us, and leading this revolution is Udo Erasmus, a global innovator in the health and wellness industry. His unique food philosophy and exceptional product line have been transforming lives for decades. Udo was flagging threats to our health (seed oils, sugar and more) and solutions to metabolic syndrome (whole foods, supplements and self-care) long before some of us were even born!

Our in-depth conversation with Udo touches on how refined carbs damage our microbiome, nutrient absorption, and mental health. And how probiotics, digestive enzymes and whole foods can help support and repair our digestive tract and strengthen our immune system. Udo's personal sugar story (with a funny highlight) and insights into inflammation’s impact on our bodies will strengthen your resolve to kick the sugar habit. And hopefully, make you think twice about feeding it to your loved ones including your children and grandchildren.

What I loved most about this interview is the authentic inner peace Udo radiates. He places a refreshing emphasis on NOT just finding wellness but also self-contentment - something that can feel so elusive in our stressed lives. Udo shares highlights of his journey from stress and struggle to wellness and serenity. It touched me deeply.

Tune in to this heart-opening episode and be reminded of the importance of aligning your diet with nature, avoiding sugar, and making a conscious effort to find peace inside, too.

As an added bonus, Udo put together a free e-book called: “10 Ways to Kick Your Sugar Habit”. Download your copy here: https://udoerasmus.com/KickSugarWithUdo

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