Dr. Rhona Epstein: Finding Freedom From Food Cravings

The Kick Sugar Coach Podcast

03-07-2023 • 40 mins

Could you imagine living a life enslaved to sugar, to food, playing a repeated tug-of-war with your cravings? Join me as I converse with Dr. Rhona Epstein, a beacon of hope in the field of sugar and food addiction recovery. With a firsthand recovery story stretching over 40 years, Dr. Epstein imparts her wisdom on the delicate path from habitual indulgence to total freedom.

Throughout our discussion, we delve into the often-underestimated seriousness of food addiction, likening it to cocaine or heroin addiction. We pick apart the controversial debate on food measurement in recovery plans, acknowledging the unique reactions they elicit and the evolution one’s recovery journey can take over time. The focus then shifts to the psychological aspect of food addiction, emphasizing the significant role our emotions play as triggers and the potential of therapy in healing past wounds.

But the conversation doesn't end on a gloomy note. Rather, we find solace in the power of hope, highlighting the very real possibility of liberation from cravings and obsessions. Despite the strenuous journey to recovery, we reassure listeners that it’s not a farfetched dream. With Dr. Epstein’s insights acting as your compass, we invite you to step into a life of tranquility, unshackled from the chains of food addiction. Join us and find hope and inspiration in the possibility of a peaceful existence with food and a quiet mind.

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