Create Your Perfect Partnership and Ideal Relationship For Sensitive Souls

Light Warrior Radio with Dr. Karen Kan

31-05-2021 • 1 hr 52 mins

For so many of us, having a relationship partner who is a great match is really important. Especially as a Sensitive Soul, we desire someone who truly really fits and understands us. Do you often wonder if your ideal match is even out there? And wonder how to find him or her? Do you ever wonder if who you're with is the best person for you?  The answer to these questions is what Paul calls an Inner Shift. From this inner shift, we find we can create exactly the partnership we want. During the next Light Warrior Radio episode, I will have the pleasure to have Paul 'Fabulous' Gasztold, Relationship Creation Expert and Energetic Channel, who will share with us: How to find the perfect partner, FASTER! (If you are single)How to transform your current partner into the perfect match for youHow to awaken your relationship's SUPERPOWER as a Sensitive SoulHow to experience an inner shift that will help you create the relationship you really want. As a Light Warrior, you understand that your own relationship superpower begins with an Inner Shift. Once you create this inner shift your Sensitive Strengths will come fully online as you joyfully create the exact relationship you desire. Creating your Fabulous relationship will be your gateway into creating beautifully and powerfully in every part of your life. It happened for Paul and his clients then it can and will happen for you starting with this interview. To talk to Paul, be sure and call in live to begin your inner relationship transformation To learn more, visit