Goodnight Sweetheart

Two Geeks Two Beers

28-05-2023 • 49 mins

A romantic sci-fi time travel sitcom, you say?

For this episode, we travel back to 1993 and the British comedy series Goodnight Sweetheart, centred around Gary Sparrow, a TV repairman who finds himself able to travel between 1990s and 1940s London via a magical alleyway.

From Gary's questionable morals to Nicholas Lyndhurst's surprisingly great singing voice, we tackle one of British comedy's strangest premises, yet an underrated show that deserves a second look.

We also discuss:

  • The show's complicated time travel rules - is it more Lost or Terminator?
  • Birds of a Feather's strangely sullen intro
  • Is bigamy OK if it's in two different eras? Gary would say so
  • Was Gary's wife in the '90s all that bad?
  • How it might have been in the same cinematic universe as another British sitcom classic
  • Did Gary solve one of the greatest serial killer mysteries of all time?
  • Why Ballykissangel made us both very angry
  • Could it return?

Clips used:

  • Goodnight Sweetheart (BBC/Britbox)
  • Birds of a Feather (BBC/ITV)
  • Many Happy Returns (BBC)

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