TIC Markets Weekly Review With Industry FX Expert Tim Finch - Fed Meeting & Bank of England | EP.13


06-02-2023 • 22 mins

Tim Finch is a board advisor at Tahsin Investments & Co. He has enjoyed a 40 year career in financial markets, where he began his journey as an interbank FX trader and Chief Dealer, working for banks such as UBS and HSBC in London, Singapore and Middle East. In 2002 he launched Nostradamus Systems Ltd, which produced neural network based predictions of FX markets for banks and hedge funds, delivered over Reuters and the internet. He has in depth knowledge of trading systems, technical analysis and the use of FX Advisors on the MT4/MT5 platforms.

In this EP, Tim and Ahmed discuss;-

Fed Meeting – raised rates by 0.25%

Bank of England / UK rate rise

ECB raised rates by 50bps, taking rates up to 2.5%

In the battle of the TV Pundits on equities….what happened this week?

US Unemployment number


Bond Market Debate

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