#02 Women on the Road: Katerina Pavlakis - The Intuitive Cook

Grow Happy like a Rich Hippie

19-10-2023 • 23 mins

Women on the Road: Inspiring Life Stories of Businesswomen on their Journey

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🌿 From Berlin's rhythmic beats to the tranquil embrace of Wales, immerse yourself in Katerina's world of Intuition, Transition, and Taste!

🎶➡️🍲 Introducing Katerina: once a maestro of music event production, now a culinary creator. Discover her transformative path in our latest 'Women on the Road' session.

In the serene hills of Wales, where she co-owned an organic food shop, a revelation unfolded: her passion for intuitive cooking ignited. @intuitive.cook

Katerina's tale underscores that amidst life's ever-changing tide, there lies a hidden melody, a distinct flavor, and an awaiting experience.

💭 Ever stumbled upon a passion in the most unexpected of places? When did you last heed your inner voice's call?

Join us in delving into Katerina's transformation from an Athenian dreamer to a culinary innovator. Experience how intuition molds not just savory dishes, but also the trajectory of life itself.

Grow Happy like a Rich Hippie

🌸 Love & Light