Brain Rot - An 80s Horror Podcast

Stevie Webb

Welcome to Brain Rot The podcast that takes a deep dive into the BEST WORST HORROR movies of the 80s & 90s. Those films that are 'so bad, they're good'. Each episode, Stevie (your VHS Veteran) welcomes a new guest into the trash heap. With guests ranging from horror know-it-alls to horror not-at-alls, these B-Movie bangers get dissected and immortalised in all their gory glory. So open THE GATE, grab some POPCORN, hold on to your GHOULIES and TROLL these films with us. See what I did there? That's THE STUFF we like. Toodles! For bonus episodes, head to www.Patreon.com/SteviesBrainRot
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6 mins
BONUS: New Year's Evil (1980) with Michael VarratiXMAS BONUS: Silent Night Deadly Night 5 (1991) with Mike Muncer & Louise BlainTroll 2 (1990) with Stephen Fry & Joel McHaleJaws: The Revenge (1987) with Andrew Hunter Murray & Dan SchreiberSorority Babes in the Slimbeball Bowl-O-Rama with Sunny MabreyNightmare Weekend (1986) with Emily HeadThe Video Dead (1987) with Anna BogutskayaHumanoids From The Deep (1980) with James Graham OBESplatter University (1984) with Julie AthertonPieces (1982) with Dino FetscherNight of the Demons (1988) with Sean ParkinsBody Melt (1993) with Matt LucasDeath Screams (1982) with Stuart BurnsideHell Night (1981) with Joshua TonksIntruder (1989) with Brad HansonBasket Case 2 (1990) & Basket Case 3 (1991) with Kim MorrisonRawhead Rex (1986) with Cody Jamison StrandFrozen Scream (1975) with Prano Bailey-BondThe Stuff (1985) with Homies of HorrorDolls (1987) & Dolly Dearest (1991) with Mike Muncer & Becky Darke