The Advocacy Podcast

The Advocacy Podcast

The Advocacy Podcast: Journeys To Excellence is a podcast about trial advocacy.

Barrister Bibi Badejo interviews the best trial lawyers from around the world about how they excel in the court room.

Throughout the series, topics range from cross-examination, expert witnesses, and effective preparation to the neurology of trials, the soft skills of advocacy and much more.

You’ll hear practical advice that you can apply straightaway to your court trials, irrespective of your jurisdiction or area of law.

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Brief 13: Ross Gubermann on Plain and Simple LanguageBrief 12: Jo Sidhu QC on Streamlining your CaseBrief 11: Rex Parris on MetaphorsBrief 10: Allison Summers QC on How to Handle Difficult Moments in front of the JuryBrief 9: The Hon Ann Ainslie-Wallace on Case TheoryBrief 8: Justin Kahn on Technology for Trial LawyersBrief 7: Professor Leslie Thomas QC on Evaluating Case TheoryBrief 6: Ian Robertson SC on Preparing to Question ExpertsBrief 5: Sarah Clarke QC on Improving Your Own AdvocacyBrief 4: Roger Dodd with 3 tips for Cross ExaminationBrief 3: James Rapley QC on Nerves and Appellate AdvocacyBrief 2: Anesta Weekes QC on Challenging IssuesBrief 1: Carl Heaton QC on Closing Addresses18. James Pereira QC: Communication in the Courtroom17. Ross Guberman: Writing for the Win16. Lucy Cornell: Finding Your Voice In Court15. Professor Jo Delahunty QC: Winning the Unwinnable14. Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher: Prosecuting Derek Chauvin (Part 2) - Trial Techniques13. Jerry Blackwell and Steve Schleicher: Prosecuting Derek Chauvin (Part 1) - Preparation12. James Rapley QC: Written Submissions and Appellate Advocacy