S2 E9 Hope and Liam's Rocky Road.

The B&B Weekly Recap Show

14-04-2023 • 52 mins

Karen and Kerry discuss the events of the week from the hit American TV show, Bold and Beautiful.

In this episode, they talk about how Liam is unhappy about Thomas working on the line with Hope and how they tripped and fall on the couch which only gives fuel to the fire.

They also discuss how Brooke and Taylor are in cozy communication with Ridge, and how Ridge and Brooke share an intimate dinner alone.

Focusing on Thursday's events they discuss Wyatt's statement that Hope needs Thomas,

And Ridge and Liam are discussing Thomas' recent behaviour.

Ridge believes that Thomas hasn't changed, despite his actions suggesting otherwise.

Liam asks whether Ridge would reverse Steffys decision to get rid of Thomas and co-host Karen then chimes in and believes that Thomas is simply trying to convince everyone that he has changed but he really hasn't.

Karen believes that Liam is trying to protect his wife Hope from Thomas and his past actions.

Liam trusts his wife, but not Thomas, and is trying to be a loving husband.

After there conversation, it is clear that Liam believes that Thomas opening the door is a bad idea and that he is trying to protect Hope from Thomas' past actions.

In the episode on Thursday. Hope falls on top of Thomas on a low riser, and Liam walks in at that moment.

This adds to Liam's insecurities, as he already feels nervous about the situation.

Karen suggests that Hope wanted to fall into Thomas's arms, and Kerry wonders if the riser was too low for her to have fallen over.

The conversation then shifts to Brooke and Hope's conversation in the office where Brooke expresses her concerns about Hope being around Thomas considering his past.

Liam and Hope have a heated argument on Friday's episode when Liam discovers Hope and Thomas with their hands on each other.

Liam has been supportive of Hope and the kids, but he can't take anymore and believes Thomas is toxic.

He throws Hope's past with Steffy in his face and brings up Baby Beth's deception as well.

Hope insists that she needs Thomas, as they are the Hope for the Future line.

Liam points out that there are other designs out there, but she insists that she needs him.

Despite the disagreement, Liam still supports Hope, but he is done with Thomas.


0:00:15 B&B Weekly Rundown: Liam's Unhappiness, Brooke and Taylor's Cozy Communication, and Wyatt's Apology

0:02:44 Conversation Analysis: Thomas and Liam's Relationship

0:04:51 Conversation Summary: Hope and Thomas on Thursday Brooke and Hope on Friday

0:07:51 Conversation Summary: Liam and Hope Argument Over Thomas

0:11:01 Conversation Analysis: Liam and Hope's Relationship Dynamics

0:13:45 Conversation Summary: Baby Beth, Brooke and Ridge's Dinner, and Thomas's Change

0:15:18 Conversation Analysis: Brooke and Ridge Dinner for Two

0:17:15 Conversation Summary: Taylor's Secretly Got the #### and Brooke's Teasing Ridge with Lingerie

0:20:17 Conversation Analysis: Brooke and Ridge's Relationship and Hope's Reaction

0:22:08 Conversation Summary: "The Bold and the Beautiful" Episode on Wednesday, April 28th

0:24:26 Karen and Kerry Discuss Brooke's Suspicious Behavior on B&B Weekly Rundown

0:26:29 Conversation Between Hope and Liam: "Hope and Liam Clash"

0:30:03 Conversation between Karen and Kerry on Thomas' Impact on Liam and Hope's Marriage

0:33:09 Conversation Analysis: Liam's Lack of Trust in Hope and Thomas

0:35:04 Conversation Analysis: Hope and Liam's Relationship and El Jardino Restaurant

0:38:02 Conversation Analysis: Hope and Thomas's Relationship on "The Bold and the Beautiful"

0:41:36 Conversation Summary: Reintroduction of Team Taylor and the Logan Forester Feud

0:44:06 Conversation Analysis: Hope Logan's Unacknowledged Feelings for Thomas

0:45:34 Conversation Analysis: Kerry's Internal Turmoil Over Thomas

0:49:16 Conversation Summary of the B&B Weekly Rundown Show

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