Just your everyday Monday morning Middle School Ag class podcast

Talkin' with Touchet

18-12-2023 • 25 mins

Welcome to the sixth episode of "Talkin' w/ Touchet," the podcast that transforms your ordinary Mondays into a captivating journey through the Ag Classroom! Emma, Morgan, and Avery guide you through an engaging blend of education and entertainment with segments like "State Ag Facts with Emma," where we explore the agricultural landscapes of different states. Then, Morgan injects humor into your day with entertaining agricultural-themed "Would You Rather" dilemmas. Finally, Avery shares fascinating "Fun Facts" about agriculture, offering tidbits that will leave you amazed. Join us every week for a delightful combination of knowledge, laughter, and intriguing insights into the world of agriculture. Your weeks are about to get a whole lot more interesting, especially in our milestone sixth episode!

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