Taming Your Tension Today : Episode 201

Taming Your Tension

20-07-2023 • 8 mins

Thought Taming !!!

Get WISE with Wendy!

!! YAY !! It's time for Taming Your Tension!

Short sessions for boosting your being!

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It's not too late...

You're not too old...

You're not falling apart...

You're just not taking the time to tune in and tame your tension!

That's why I've created this podcast of short sessions to help you find the time, make the time, and take the time for Taming Your Tension so that you enjoy ease with less effort and have more energy for life.

With simple health strategies that easily fit into crazy modern schedules you'll move better, feel better, live well and find the fun-loving freedom of healthy happiness come what may.

I'm Wendy S Wiseman, a pain relief professional specializing in helping folks move out of chronic pain and physical discomfort to thrive lifelong!

Healthy doesn't have to be complicated!


Taming the tensions of modern living!

Creating a Better World Together as Happier Healthier Humans!


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