Part 10: Top Marketing Leaders Share Their Most Uncuttable Budget Items

Pipeline Visionaries

12-03-2024 • 27 mins

Every week on Pipeline Visionaries, we sit down with amazing marketing leaders to uncover the pipeline strategies that have been fundamental to their success. In each episode, we ask these guests which three areas of investment are most important to their marketing strategies. Tune into this special series to hear the budget items our CMO guests can’t live without!

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Episode Timestamps:
*(01:37): Grant Johnson, CMO at Billtrust

*(04:22): Jessica Gilmartin, CMO at Calendly

*(06:11): Megan McDonagh, CMO at Amperity

*(07:17): Shafqat Islam, CMO at Optimizely

*(08:42:) Efrat Ravid, CMO at Quantum Metric

*(10:59): Orlando Baeza, CMO & CRO at Flock Freight

*(13:32): Jenny Victor, CMO at Epicor

*(16:18): Jessica Shapiro, CMO at LiveRamp

*(19:09): Jacqueline Woods, CMO at Teradata

*(21:24): Brad Rinklin, CMO at Infoblox

*(24:33): Celia Fleischaker, CMO at isolved


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