Brand as a Competitive Advantage

Pipeline Visionaries

05-03-2024 • 35 mins

This episode features an interview with Mark Viden, SVP of Brand at CommonSpirit Health, a non-profit that operates 140 hospitals and more than 2,200 care centers serving sites across 24 states.

In this episode, Mark discusses building an emotional connection with the consumer, using your brand promise as an operating principle and his focus on sharing the amazing stories in the healthcare industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • When brand promises are guiding principles for company operations, it creates a competitive advantage.
  • When building a brand, focus on the people in your ecosystem and on creating an emotional connection with the consumer.

“What I see and have seen all the time is the competitors will start to nibble at what we do. They'll start to come in and borrow some of our themes. But they never stay with it because, again, I think kind of the flavor of the day and then the shiny object over there captures their attention and they're on to something else. Where we have this anchoring principle, “Hello humankindness” that, again, is seeded through so many areas of the organization.It is our brand promise.”

Episode Timestamps:

*(04:19) The Trust Tree: Building an emotional connection with the consumer

*(16:12) The Playbook: Creating value alignment

*(30:44) Quick Hits: Mark’s Quick Hits


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