Investing in Community and Relationships

Pipeline Visionaries

30-01-2024 • 38 mins

This episode features an interview with Celia Fleischaker, CMO at isolved, a trusted HCM leader that provides software and services to meet the needs of HR professionals. Through their partner network, they reach more than 5 million employees and 145,000 employers across all 50 states.

In this episode, Celia shares with us how they are investing in and amplifying their engaged community as well as how their focus on relationships and primary research supports their marketing efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Coming into a company with an engaged customer base is a welcome challenge for a CMO, and amplifying that engagement is imperative.
  • It’s worth investing in primary research, to better connect with customers in ways that are actually of interest to them.
  • There is a continued convergence between customer experience and marketing. Leveraging data and information from customer service and blending that with marketing helps clarify what customers need.


I think there's such a cool convergence between customer experience and marketing. And I think they are just continuing to get closer and closer. At Verint, where I was before, I worked in the CX space and we saw it there a lot, a lot of our customers realizing the power of taking customer experience, customer service information, blending that from a marketing perspective. And the amount of data that you get that really points to what you need to be doing for your customers,  where they are at a relationship point with you.

And that's what I think with the CXO role, the customer experience role here, taking that, looking at that from customer service perspective, from a marketing perspective and pulling things together to look holistically at what is it that we can do both internally and externally to drive a better experience and how is that going to benefit, yes, our customers and the satisfaction that they have, but from a marketing perspective, there's so much opportunity to better understand what your customers are going through and it just puts you in this better position.

Episode Timestamps:

*(04:36) - The Trust Tree: Creating demand within community

*(08:15) - The Playbook: Investing in primary research

*(33:49) - Quick Hits: Celia’s Quick Hits


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