The Venn Diagram of Content Marketing

Pipeline Visionaries

19-03-2024 • 55 mins

This episode features an interview with Gerardo A Dada, CMO at Catchpoint, a company thatincreases retailers' internet resilience by catching issues in the internet stack before they impact business.

In this episode, Gerardo discusses his ungated content strategy and the venn diagram of content marketing. He also shares his thoughts on sticking to your ICP and his strategy to only go after high intent marketing leads.

Key Takeaways:

  • When thinking about your content marketing, you should find content that fits within three concentric circles.
  • It’s important to stick to your defined ICP and Gerardo has chosen to only go after high intent marketing leads.
  • Marketers should stay disciplined and should avoid artificially inflating demand. While there is a role for bribery in marketing, it can be easily misused.


I believe that the best content marketing strategy, especially if you're in a position where you're trying to educate the market, you're trying to establish thought leadership, is finding that space in the center of three concentric circles.

One is what your audience cares about. The other one is what you know more than anybody else. And the third one is what the technology or the point of views that will predispose your prospects to buy, or increase the likelihood of them to buy.

Episode Timestamps:

*(6:44) The Trust Tree: Defining and sticking to your ICP

*(28:25) The Playbook: ABM strategy, content and intent

*(50:03) Quick Hits: Gerardo’s quick hits


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